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  Welcome to the new AppRefactory website! Recent additions include updated product offerings and new projects completed on a part-time basis. Also note our new casual service offering via more »

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elcome to The AppRefactory Inc. website! Information about the company and its services are available from the selection menu above and highlights with specific information of particular interest is available by clicking any of the sliding images, left. Feel free to pose any questions to or by selecting the desired company contact in "About Us..." Also below are a selection of articles from the blog of the Senior Consultant (entitled "The Ross Report") with several articles related to topics under the technology heading.

The Ross Report - Computers and Internet

Planets With Atmospheres: Almost Available?
Being able to interact with planets regardless of whether they have an atmosphere or not is simply a basic feature.  Although the initial release of Elite back in 1983 offered only single-planet star systems where the "planet" was really just a line-art circle; previous versions enabled you to take off from partially-terraformed moon Merlin in the Ross 154 star system.

The Future of Elite Dangerous: The Great In-Game Debate
Could two Elite gamers be convinced to be more understanding of the issues involved in producing Elite: Dangerous?  And what about Frontier's competitors?  Where is Star Citizen?  What about EndSpace and From Other Suns?  Could they pose a threat to Elite's dominance in the VR flight sim market at some point? Check out the video linked to this article...

Elite Dangerous Universe: Calendar dates?
Just another interesting fact about the gameplay of Elite, brought to you by CMDR Trium!

Follow the Adventures of the FNS Quantica!
Ongoing coverage of the events in this make-believe universe are presented in digest form here.  But I encourage every reader to visit The AppRefactory Inc. on YouTube as soon as you're finished with content presented here.  My story is one handled in a video presentation that gains new contributions almost daily through the winter months and weekly at other points during the year.

A Solid Programming Intro (for Beginners)
New to the world of programming? An experienced developer picking up Python as a new skill? In need of some basic skills review? This course meets your needs centring on the (relatively new and increasingly popular) Python programming language.

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isit us on and engage us for case-ticket assistance with your coding needs!


Twitter @apprefactory

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Consulting Services

Technology Consulting - Remote


ffered via remote means (through Skype,, or another two-way support service); a variety of contracted technology consulting services ranging from simple tutorial-style assistance with specific technical architectures, programming languages or COTS products are available via an advance engagement fee, with additional fees if/when terms of the arrangement are extended. Arrange to chat with us directly by Skype or Phone and create an appointment using the instructions provided below in the "Requests" section.

NOTE: If you are unable to reach us immediately for any reason, you may leave a voicemail message at our office number or email us directly at with the expectation of a reply within 24 hours.

Or you can enquire further online using the Skype button at the top of this page.

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